$5 Rides in Pearblossom

Pearblossom Taxi offers $5 rides in Pearblossom.

In order to be eligible for the $5 fare you must begin and end your one-way trip within 116th Street East to the west; 136th Street East to the east; Avenue V to the north; Avenue X-15 to the south.

$5 One-Way - Trips are from Point A to Point B only, with no stops or waiting time.
With the exception of Round-Trips (see below), any ride requiring multiple stops or waiting time is subject to regular taxi fares.

$10 Round-Trip - Valid only from Point A-to Point B-to Point A, with 5 minutes free waiting time at Point B. Anything more than 5 minutes is charged at $2 for each 5 minutes or part thereof. Additional stops make the trip subject to regular taxi rates.

Service is available 24 hours, and at least 30 minutes advance notice is recommended.

Call 661-526-7277, or order by text or online.

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