From Pearblossom Chevron to:

Minimum fare from Pearblossom Chevron - $5

Longview Rd/Fort Tejon Rd - $5
121st St. East/Fort Tejon Rd - $5
165th St. East/Pearblossom Hwy - $9
82nd St. East/Pearblossom Hwy - $13
Littlerock High School - $17
Four Points Swap Meet - $19
47th St. East/Ave S - $23
Acton Metrolink - $35
Palmdale Transportation Center - $35
Antelope Valley Mall - $41
Ontario Airport - $110
Los Angeles Downtown - $140
Los Angeles Airport (LAX) - $150

Los Angeles County destinations
Kern County destinations
San Bernardino County destinations
Riverside County destinations
Ventura County destinations 

Rates are approximate and are listed to give you an idea of what the rate will be. You do not have to leave from Pearblossom Chevron, we will pick you up at your home or office.
To calculate your fare, please click here.

Round-trip tolls and/or parking fees, if any, are in addition to listed rates.
Call (661) 526-7277 for assistance or to order.

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